An Assurance of Efficiancy

An Assurance of Efficiancy

Through prompt & timebound cargo management

An assurance of efficiency Through prompt & time bound cargo management

Our operations include Export, Import, Buffer and Bond operations. At GAD Logistics, we know Export Import Industry is the life blood of a nation's economy. And the function of a good CFS (Container Freight Station) is to ensure the security and time bound delivery of cargo stored there, every time. To this end, we make use of cutting edge technology including RFID tags and GPS.

Operations and Movement

Being a huge place where a large no. of container trucks come and go every hour, it becomes obviously difficult to keep track of very vehicle and driver. Monitoring cargo movement through traditional paperwork will no longer be practical as the volume increases rapidly in the changed scenario. Therefore, w have switched over to state of-the art Information Technology tools to monitor vehicles and drivers. For eg: every container that comes to our facility is identified through a RFID tag attached to it. Also, cutting edge technology enables us to monitor the cargo in our warehouses and provide security round-the-clock. This dramatically improves the efficiency of the whole O&M department.

IT & Communications Facilities

Closed Circuit TVs (CCTV)

We make use of CCTV technology to effectively monitor the field activities going on in the company premises, including administration offices and outfields. This has enabled us to remote manage the resources, activities and we have achieved 100% resource utilization as well.


Implementing information technology aspects gives us a scalable work environment. It enables us to enhance and expand our businesses with more resources.

Minimising manual intervention for an error-free working environment

Manual processes are minimal thereby eliminating chances of errors and manipulation. Also IT enables fast documentation which increases efficiency many folds.

One-Point Information

Everything is online and thus it is a one-point information junction and the company do not rely on individuals for reports or any particular business information.


Safely and securely connects the whole business and interconnects every office distributed geographically. Ensures faster communication between offices and management.

General Manager

Mr. Vilas Vartak

Head Operations

Mr. Hanif Ashar

Admin Manager

Mr. Ashok Veleskar

Garage Incharge

Mr. Madhukar Asarkar

Movement Incharge

Mr. Shaikh Abdul Samad