Export Operations

(A vision to be the nation's growth partner)

Any nation's financial health can be measured by its export to import balance. Here, by responsibly facilitating management of export cargo, we are directly taking part in the nation's industrial growth. A group of well-trained and dedicated personnel and state-of-the art technology at our disposal always ensures that the export cargo goes through our hands always reach its destination at time. Operations Carting operations consists of the cargo coming in CFS for exports to be de stuffed at the various carting points under our supervision. Then it is stored in an exclusive warehouse for further processing. Empty containers transported from empty yard are brought into the CFS. Stuffing of carted cargo is been done into empty containers at stuffing points using our Forklifts, Reach stackers & Labourers by our Supervisor. Customs examination & approval procedures after survey reports by our Surveyors. Lift on & transportation to JNPT, GTI, & NSICT ports of Export by our fleets to its respective vessel. Transportation of the loaded container to the port to its respective vessel.